picture perfect workshop: JUNE 1-JUly 6

What is Picture Perfect?

Picture perfect is a six session photography course designed to help you take better pictures now. We cover the basics of how your camera operates, using light, composition, posing, and editing photographs --- perfect for beginners with little to no camera/photography knowledge and aspiring photographers alike.

Our workshop is also hands on. We will have in-class activities, as well as short homework photography projects for you to complete between classes. These projects and activities will help you immediately put to use the skills you learn.

Who is Picture Perfect for?

Almost anyone!...

From absolutely new photographers to beginning photographers who need to hone their craft!

  • Ever wonder what all those buttons on your camera are supposed to do?
  • Ever wish pictures of your children or grandchildren playing (e.g. sports, at home, etc.) were not so blurry?
  • Ever wonder why your photographs seem “dark,” even when you use your flash?
  • Ever wonder how professional photographers get those nice, soft backgrounds?
  • Ever wish you could get better photos of your family?

If you’ve ever wondered about any of these things then Picture Perfect is for you!

what equipment will i need?

While much of what we will teach involves the use of a DSLR, whatever equipment you use (or want to use) most is what you bring.

Even if your only camera is a smartphone, bring it along...

We can help you take better pictures with your phone, too!

workshop Schedule

All classes begin at 7PM, and last approximately 75-90 minutes.

Thursday, June 1 - “What’s this button do?” (Learning About Your Camera)

Thursday, June 8 - “My eyes, my eyes!” (Learning About Light)

Thursday, June 15 - “You cut off my head!” (Learning About Composition)

Thursday, June 22 - “Hold it right there…” (Learning About Portraits)

Thursday, June 29 - “Wow, that was fast… (Learning About Action Photography)

Thursday, July 6 - “If it was just a little…” (Learning About Editing)


How do I reserve my spot? Space for this workshop is limited to 20 seats. To reserve your spot, a deposit of $99 is required now. The remainder balance is due on the first class of the workshop.

How long are classes? Each class will be 1-1.5 hours long.

When are they? Classes start at 7 p.m. each scheduled evening.

Where are they? We will be meet at the building of the Sweetwater Church of Christ  - 1309 New Hwy. 68 E., Sweetwater, TN

Can I bring my kids? While we would prefer you to arrange child care, we don’t want being a parent to keep you from attending these classes! Just be sure to bring something to occupy them for the duration of the class.

What if I miss a class? While we can’t provide refunds/makeups for missed classes, nor a recording of the material presented, any materials or exercises given during the class will be provided to you.



DANIEL HOWELL, B.A. Communication Arts
Co-Owner, Founder, Howell Photography

Daniel began Howell Photography in 2005 as the principle photographer after he discovered his love of still photography while in college. His knowledge of lighting, correct composition, mechanics of photography equipment, and the "rules" of photography is vast. He enjoys creating works of art with his photography as well as trying to angles and techniques to wow and inspire his clients and other viewers of his work.  


MARTHA HOWELL, B.A. Communications Arts
Co-Owner, Howell Photography

Martha started out with Howell Photography solely as the marketing, accounting, and client management guru; but she quickly fell in love with photography as an artform. She specializes in the photojournalistic aspect of photography, especially birth and weddings. She also excels at being able to capture the true personalities of children in her photography, even when they are super squirmy. As the main editor for Howell Photography, Martha is also able to quickly retouch images to give them that little extra "something" that we all want in our photos!