East Tennessee Wedding Venue Spotlight: The Capitol Theatre in Maryville

Yes, yes, barns are awesome and are all the rage for weddings --- and we love photographing weddings at all the fun barns in the area. HOWEVER, if you're in the mood for something very different - something cool, vintage, chic, and classic - then give The Capitol Theatre in Maryville a look. 

The wedding coordinators at The Capitol Theatre really work hard to ensure that your wedding guests have the time of their lives --- one of my favorite parts is the custom DJ work with a huge screen displaying classic music videos. Thriller anyone? Yes, PLEASE!

Your first dance is also transformed into the stuff that fairytales are made of, with gorgeous ethereal lighting and smoke billowing around the stage. 

We've photographed MANY weddings at The Capitol, and it's always a blast! Here are some of our favorite shots from Capitol Weddings that we've photographed!

What do you think? Would the Capitol Theatre work for your wedding day?

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