So Many Chattanooga and Knoxville Wedding Photographers, Where do I even BEGIN?

So Many Chattanooga and Knoxville Wedding Photographers, Where do I even BEGIN????

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Yep. It’s totally overwhelming to type the phrase “Knoxville Wedding Photographer” or "Chattanooga Wedding Photography" in the search engine and get back 1,000,001 results (and half of them are just pesky sites that don’t even help).

So, how in the world can you choose a photographer to capture your wedding day memories (which is obviously, to us, the most important thing you will choose for your wedding, other than your groom!)?!

  1. Ask your family and friends for wedding photographer recommendations. If a friend has gotten married recently, ask who they used — they will be able to give you honest feedback about what the did (or didn’t like about their photographer) and you will be able to see an entire wedding gallery from them to determine if their photographer might be a good fit for you.
  2. Ask the venue. Many time your wedding venue will have preferred vendors who work with them time and again, so they are familiar with all the ins and outs of where you are getting married. However, be warned, that sometimes that can mean your wedding pictures will look exactly like everyone else’s since some of these vendors tend to take the same angles, some spots, etc during the wedding day. But, not always! It’s at least a good place to start!
  3. Facebook it up! ;-) Check out photographers’ work on Facebook (in addition to their websites). Usually, on Facebook, you will tend to see the latest wedding photography that they have shot, to get a feel for what everyday weddings look like, and not just weddings from their best of the best website portfolios.
  4. MEET IN PERSON with your potential wedding photographers! I can NOT stress this one enough. Your wedding day photographer will be with you ALL day long on that most special day and if you think they are annoying or you just don’t mesh with their personality, then it’s going to be a long, rough day, and he or she could be spoiling some of those wedding memories for you. We usually meet our potential clients at Starbucks to have a relaxed chat and so you can look over our wedding albums — nothing formal, and nothing awkward. Many times, we end up giving advice about wedding day timelines, bridesmaids dresses, and more!

What else would you add to the list for a bride beginning to look for her Chattanooga or Knoxville Wedding Photographer?

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