Wedding Parties - Big or Small? Does it matter for photos?

I love small and intimate wedding parties. I love big, loud, and fun wedding parties. As the photographer, it really doesn’t matter one way or the other to us. The only thing that really effects your photos is the dynamics within your wedding party!


If your wedding party is loving, kind, and sweet - that will show in your images! If your wedding party is annoyed and would rather not be in the heat (even though we promise to make picture taking go super super fast), then that, too will show in your images (although we will try our best to help hide it)!


As far as a perfect number of wedding party members, we don’t have one! It can be as large or as small as you feel comfortable with. However, having the same number groomsmen as bridesmaid does even things out in the photos — but if it doesn’t bother you to be uneven, then it doesn’t bother us either!


We encourage you to give some deep thought to who you ask to be in your wedding party. It’s a big honor for them, and THEY (as your bridesmaid or groomsmen) can play a big part in the entire mood of the wedding day — from the getting ready photographs, to the reception! Pick people who love you, who want to be there for you, and it wouldn’t hurt if they loved to smile and have fun, too!

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