Our Thoughts on Wedding Photography "Style"

Wedding Photography "Styles": Explained by Your Chattanooga Wedding Photographers

As you begin your search for a wedding photographer, you may be inundated with lots of options in prices, packages, and in style. While you obviously need to know what kind of price and package option you're looking for, perhaps the most mysterious is "style". What are the different types of wedding photography "styles"? And how do I know what type of style my wedding photographer leans towards?

The Two Main Styles are...
1. Photojournalistic Wedding Photography
2. Traditional Wedding Photography

Sure, there are many variations (including "artistic", etc), but these are the two main "camps". So, let me explain...

#1. Photojournalistic Wedding Photographers shoot what happens. They move things around and/or pose things very minimally. They aren't going to spend a lot of time on formal posed images, and they aren't going to tell you to "hold that pose... right there... now... don't move". They simply are there to capture what happens during your wedding day. Even during your bride and groom portraits, they are going to be capturing your emotions rather than setting up shots like a traditional wedding photographer would. Here are just some examples of what a photojournalistic photography style would look like... [All Photo Credits: Howell Photography]

#2. Traditional Photographers are going to be posing shots throughout most of the day. With a traditional wedding photographer, you will probably get a super long list of family formal shots, lots of combinations on wedding party shots, and very detailed instructions on how to do the cake cutting/toss your bouquet/and more! Here are a few examples of what a traditional wedding photographer would shoot.... [Photo Credits: Howell Photography]

So, which style do you prefer? Once you pick which style you lean towards, make sure your wedding photographer shoots that way BEFORE you sign the contract. Asking a traditional wedding photographer to shoot a wedding in a photojournalistic style is a recipe for disaster (and vice versa!). To make sure that you've got the right fit, you may want to ask to see an entire edited wedding, so you can see the ratio of images. Are there more posed than "candids"? Are there more relaxed natural images or lots of family formals?

And, as always, remember that usually it's not all or nothing. For example, we at Howell Photography consider ourselves wedding photojournalists, but we also shoot *some* of those posed traditional shots too. However, the majority of the images you receive from us will be of moments throughout your wedding day.

Hope that helps!

Your Wedding Photographers,
Martha & Daniel Howell