Meet Martha & Daniel Howell

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(In her own words)

I knew wedding photojournalism was speciality for me, after sitting at the feet of the father of wedding photojournalism, Denis Reggie - who, after capturing a famous shot of JFK Jr and Carolyn Bessette adoring each other as they exited their wedding ceremony, catapulted the genre of wedding photojournalism into popularity.

Wedding Photojournalism comes naturally to me; however, as any good artist does - I’ve enjoyed expanding and perfecting my knowledge of the craft throughout the past decade - through experience, workshops, seminars, and instruction by some of the greats.

The one thing I want our prospective clients to know is that anyone can call themselves a Wedding Photojournalist. But, it’s about more than just luckily capturing a few good moments. It’s about always having an awareness of what’s going on in front, behind, and beside you at any given time. It’s about being able to change your camera settings as quickly as you can snap your fingers. It’s about being able to produce masterful photographs with little to no control over the light, the poses, or the location.

Non-photography related… I love Starbucks, binge watching Netflix series with Daniel while eating local Mexican cuisine, editing images, playing the piano, and being mom to our five precious children..




My beginnings in photography was with the film format and education through devoted study of Ansel Adams. As with most things that I take an interest in, I devoured everything I could concerning the camera and the art of photography.

In 2006 “Daniel Howell Photography” (as it was called in the beginning) quickly grew into a blossoming business. I continue to foster a love for all things technical when it comes to photography (lenses, gears, lights, and more!); but, unleashing my creative side while photographing is what I enjoy the most.

Non-photography related… I love coffee, playing and building guitars, and woodworking.. I’m consider myself a man of many hobbies and interests, which I believe serve me well to be able to see the world from all sorts of angles.